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Barbara Feldon...  Agent 99 was an important transitional femme fatale in television's Get Smart. Click here for Barbara Feldon.

Elke Sommer...  As Eckman, she's Deadlier than... well, you, for sure. Click here for Elke Sommer.

Follow the restoration of WomWam: Click here.

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!WOm!WAm! Logic
This site is a nonprofit Research & Review Electronic Reference studying the portrayal of male sexual fetishes in popular media during the 1950s & 1960s that feature scenes depicting 2 broad types of phenomena:

WOm: Women Overwhelming men
WAm: Women Attacking men

!WOm!WAm! has no association with any performer or production reviewed and claims no ownership or rights to images presented on the site,  using all images under the Fair Use Doctrine for Research & Review...

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